Prana Diamonds

A diamond store that has everything you'll ever need


Mines to Mountings

Sourcing our roughs from the ethical and conflict free sources, trying to leave the least carbon footprint on this planet, getting them planned, cut and polished in our small but skillful production units overseas and delivering them straight to your bench at competetive prices.


Every Single Stone is as unique as you

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Excellence & Precision

We love our work, handpicking potential diamonds for our customers is our passion. we handle furry customers better than anyone could. With years of experience in the field & with the skill of precision in guaging & symmetry, we ace at farming diamond layouts & satisfying the vision of our customers.


Make a perfect match

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Portal for all kinds of diamonds

We saw a vision to become a global leader in supplying all kinds of diamonds:-

High end: White diamonds, diamond layouts, fancy colored diamonds, customised cut diamond pairs & side stones. GIA, HRD, IGI & TBL graded.

Affordable end: Black diamonds, salt & pepper, snow diamonds, Rosecuts, Lab Grown White & Colored diamonds.

Creating a bridge between potential manufacturers to jewellers

We are obviously not alone in this industry. sometimes Customer comes up with a requirement which we do not manufacture at all.

Therefore with the help of excellence contacts established in the industry by the founders. we hunt the best pieces which fits right into the requirement puzzle of our Customer.


Different Color for different mood

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